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Counseling Services

The firm's primary emphasis in providing CMS Compliance advice and consultation is to provide counseling and guidance to assure compliance and hopefully minimize the likelihood of administrative audits, regulatory action, or enforcement actions due to non-compliance. Given the ever-changing nature of CMS regulatory actions, and changing policies, the firm highly recommends that an ongoing retainer arrangement be established with clients, defining the areas for which the client wishes continuous updates to assure regulatory compliance. This can include specified areas, such as updating of policies and procedures, contents of compliance programs, agent training, oversight, and discipline, or operation of programs such as fraud, waste, and abuse controls.

Proper counseling and follow-through on implementation of appropriate action is the very essence of the mission of the CMS Compliance Department of Lippe & Associates. We strive to perform this aspect of our role as our primary purpose. Examples of some of the specific areas in which this role is performed are included on the other pages of this site. It is only when proper counseling and remedial action fail that litigation may become necessary, but the firm is available to assist its clients in such event as well.