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Updating policies, procedures, and forms
to meet changing regulatory requirements

CMS will, of course, amend applicable regulations and procedures from time to time that will affect the reporting structure, policies and procedures, and operations of Providers and licensed entities, and the penalties for noncompliance are potentially severe and catastrophic. Likewise, Congress may enact amendments to enabling legislation requiring regulatory amendment. Also, as experience is gathered by CMS in regulating the Medicare Advantage Program and the Private Fee for Service program, regulatory policies and emphasis may shift. The firm recommends retention of counsel to monitor the changing regulations and requirements so that necessary changes are made in compliance with changing regulatory requirements timely and properly.

The firm advises use of the templates and forms that can be provided to our clients and adapted to their needs, so that the initial documentation is in compliance, and so that amendments as the law changes can be done smoothly and efficiently. This update service can be provided on either a standalone basis, or, preferably, as part of an overall program of furnishing necessary documentation from the outset and providing ongoing consultation on a retainer basis.